3 Tips to Identifying Fraud During the Manual Review Process

By Andrew Stolz, Senior Manager, Account Management, Accertify EMEA August 25, 2016


Help your team uncover more fraud when conducting manual reviews

No one knows your business like your own team.  For many merchants the most cost-effective way to offset the cost of fraud is to hire a dedicated team of analysts to monitor traffic through their website. The team can use internal resources and the history with the customer to determine the validity of a transaction.  They can also verify the purchase or cancel orders manually if they are deemed suspicious.  While there is no single set of guidelines that will apply to every fraud screening scenario, the following are three tips or considerations to make when assessing whether a transaction is fraudulent from a manual review point of view.

Is this behaviour normal?

We are all creatures of habit.  A legitimate customer will generally transact in a similar way each time (card, device, email, billing and shipping addresses).  When a behaviour deviates from this norm (one phone number, four different cards with three different emails, billing and shipping addresses) a red flag should be raised and further investigation of the transaction should occur.

Is this an Account Takeover?

A customer logs in for the first time in months while at the same time changing shipping address, email address and telephone number.  The customer is also ordering six different sizes of the same item and/or expensive items such as jewelry, handbags, and electronics on a one-day expedited delivery.  Is this normal customer behaviour or account takeover?  Further investigation into this type of transaction is prudent to validate the legitimacy of the transaction or to confirm fraud.

Can you spot mismatches?

When validating online transactions, a customer's IP and BIN country and IP and device country usually match.  It's often a big red flag when these critical elements are mismatched.  Further investigation into this type of transaction is prudent to validate the legitimacy of the transaction.

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