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Preventing Chargebacks: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Originally published on on January 28, 2016, this article describes ways to reduce the volume of chargebacks issued to your company.

Reversing Friendly Fraud Chargebacks: You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play

Originally published on on January 19, 2016, this article explores the merchant benefits to reviewing or responding to chargebacks.

Addressing Delivery and Returns Fraud to Protect Profits A fraud team usually focuses on the actions of professional fraudsters. These are the criminal pros who attempt to steal on a large scale using automation and thousands of stolen payment cards. It makes sense to aim the artillery at big threats. Now, a different kind of smaller scale fraud scenario perpetrated by amateurs is gaining traction on the fraud battlefront. It's called delivery and returns fraud.
Online Merchants Need an EMV Era Fraud Plan With the highly anticipated EMV liability shift now in effect in the U.S., merchants have been adopting point-of-sale terminals that can accept chip-based cards.
How Do You Protect and Grow Your Profits Fraud evolves. Preventing chargebacks, lost-in-transit, and refund and return policy abuse losses in one process is efficient and improves performance. This article explores the challenges of fraud prevention in a multi-channel world.
Tokenization Is Here...Are You Ready? Compliance and IT Security teams often take the lead on implementing tokenization to render card data unusable in case of a cyber attack or data breach. As fraud managers, it is vital you understand the potential changes the different methods could have on the fraud review and prevention process.

Press Releases

U.K. Retail Group Arcadia Deploys Accertify Fraud Management Accertify, a leading fraud prevention provider, announced today that British multinational retailer Arcadia Group Ltd. has deployed Accertify’s fraud management solution to manage fraud screening across its digital and mobile sales channels.
Pegasus Airlines Selects Accertify To Provide Fraud and Chargeback Management Solutions Accertify, a leading fraud prevention provider, announced today that the company is providing Pegasus Airlines, Turkey’s leading low cost airline, with its comprehensive fraud and chargeback management solution.
Accertify Partners With Ryanair To Provide Fraud Management Accertify, a leading fraud prevention provider, announced today that the company is providing Ryanair with its comprehensive and flexible fraud management solution.


4th Annual Travel Industry Fraud Event - Travel Fraud Prevention Symposium 2016

This is the 4th annual symposium for the travel industry (Travel Agencies/Online Travel Agencies, Car Hire Companies, Hotels, Rail Operators, & Airlines) on the ever evolving best practices for stopping fraud in the travel industry.

2016 Merchant Risk Council (MRC) Annual Conference

MRC Vegas is the largest global event focused on payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology.

2016 Merchant Risk Council Women in Payments and Fraud The second MRC Women in Payments & Fraud is taking place 16 March, 2016, in Central London. Join engaging discussions followed by a networking happy hour.
2016 MRC Spring EU Congress The MRC EU Congress, 18-20 May in Seville, Spain, is the most dynamic and esteemed European event for fraud and payments professionals.
2016 CardNotPresent (CNP) Expo The CNP Expo brings together a cross section of the industry, including representatives from the retail, payments, fraud, and financial industries.
6th Annual Accertify User Conference Are you attending the 6th annual Accertify User Conference?


Delivery & Returns Fraud Webinar

Find out from Accertify and ASOS, an industry leading online fashion brand, how some fraudsters are slipping through the net and why they are putting focus on this issue.

Managing the Multifaceted Challenges of Chargebacks

We explore the impact of each stage of the chargeback management process on merchant operations.

Driving Down Fraud with Accertify Managed Solutions Hear how Greyhound cut online fraud by 90% in seven months and is growing its bottom line with Accertify® Chargeback Management.
Developing Your Fraud Strategy to Help Control Card Testing Card Testing is a growing source of fraud for merchants. Learn best practices to systematically limit card testing.
Improving Your Decisioning Hear pros and cons for decisioning techniques and also hear Greyhound's experience in moving from rules alone to rules + Machine Learning model ensemble.
Managing Your Team's Success Learn how to coach and train your fraud team more efficiently by identifying key performance indicators through existing reporting to glean opportunities for training to increase your team's capability.
Accertify Chargeback Management Webinar Hear a high level overview of our Chargeback Management solution.
Fraud Risk Assessment and Scoring Hear how effective fraud prevention sometimes requires a combination of merchant data, community data and external data.
Achieving Automated Fraud Control Hear how British Airways selected, implemented and delivered the Accertify platform to form the cornerstone of their fraud prevention efforts, and a review of the success they have documented to date.
Fighting Fraud in a New Channel: Gift Card Program Hear how Southwest Airlines added gift card screening to it's already existing Accertify® Fraud Management solution to virtually eliminate gift card fraud
Changing the Chargeback Dynamic in Your Business Hear how Motorcycle Superstore, leveraged the latest technology in their business to turn the tide on chargebacks and boost reversals while driving down operating costs.
Fraud Technology is a Must, but Which is Right for You? How to Select a Fraud Prevention Offering in Conjunction with a Payment Processor
A Large Retailer's Fraud Solution Journey Hear how a retailer implemented a fraud solution that allowed them to create advanced fraud detection rules and increase efficiency of fraud management functions.

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