RSVP Reduces Fraud and Improves Service


By using the Accertify® Fraud Management solution, Australia’s leading online dating site has reduced fraud and improved the quality of its service, is lowering chargebacks, and is achieving incremental revenue that covers the cost of the solution.

Dating and romance scams have increased steadily in both volume and monetary loss according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. In 2012, RSVP was invited to collaborate in a working group to help develop fraud prevention guidelines for the online dating industry. As part of this initiative, RSVP reviewed its 16-year-old internally developed system for fraud prevention, and decided to supplement that process with a dedicated third-party solution.


After evaluating a range of technology options, RSVP chose Accertify® Fraud Management due to its flexibility of plugging in various device identification vendors, and broad capabilities for implementing customizable detection rules. Mapping specific devices to specific profiles is a key ingredient for reducing fraud, especially when tied to data provided by the Accertify® Risk ID feature, which correlates data to information on fraudsters provided by other Accertify customers. When RSVP’s team identifies a suspicious profile, the linked search feature lets them quickly deactivate other related profiles with the click of a button – saving time while impeding the efforts of would-be scammers.


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