Enhanced Authorization Integrated With Fraud Protection

AMEX’s Enhanced Authorization Solution Now Integrated with Accertify’s Fraud Protection Platform



The best way merchants and card issuers can prevent digital payment fraud is to share enhanced transaction details when an online purchase occurs. This is why American Express is collaborating with other online fraud prevention companies to reduce card-not-present (CNP) fraud and make online shopping safer for merchants and cardmembers.

Enhanced Authorization ®, American Express’s industry-leading fraud identification solution identifies whether a fraudster or a true customer is on the other end of an online transaction so clients can instantly and accurately identify and block fraudulent purchases.

Enhanced Authorization is integrated with Accertify’s Fraud and Abuse Protection Platform, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and Riskified’s Fraud Management Platform and additional integrations are planned. Learn how it can help merchants increase approval rates without negatively impacting the customer experience.