How Cabela’s Reduced Fraud And Increased Chargeback Wins

Case Study

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Cabela’s was using an outdated and ineffective fraud solution that could not scale and evolve with today’s eCommerce fraud patterns. In addition, its chargeback processing systems were manual and inefficient.

Cabela’s recognized that online fraud was a critical problem particularly with the liability shift that occurred with EMV compliance requirements. Cabela’s was also preparing to merge with BPS Direct, LLC (Bass Pro Shops) needed a reputable, proven fraud solution that could support the anticipated increase in transaction volume.

After the merger was complete, Cabela’s and BPS Direct, LLC (Bass Pro Shops), Interceptas®, Fraud Management, Profile Builder, and Chargeback Management. This provided both companies with a full suite of fraud prevention tools including a comprehensive rules engine, powerful machine learning capabilities and the ability to affect a real-time, dynamic response to fraud threats without compromising Cabela’s great customer service.

Cabela’s and BPS Direct, LLC (Bass Pro Shops) have both reduced fraud losses, increased chargeback wins and improved internal operational efficiency since implementing Accertify.