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Bazaarvoice Authenticates Social Content

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How Accertify enables a social commerce solutions provider to help e-retailers give buyers confidence in the authenticity of online reviews, which are the bedrock of influence in purchasing decisions – on or offline.

The business challenge that moved Bazaarvoice to engage Accertify was the need to take a more proactive risk based strategic approach to identifying fraudulently submitted user generated content. The potential exists for unscrupulous brands to post fake content promoting their offerings or demoting their competitors products or services on the Bazaarvoice client’s web site via a ratings and review system. The phony content then can damage the brand in the consumer’s eyes and hurt the potential sale the client would have gained if the content had not existed. To Bazaarvoice’s clients, social content is their currency.


Bazaarvoice chose the Accertify Fraud Management solution. “We wanted to automate a proactive, systemic fraud management solution for universal visibility across all our clients,” says Houlihan. As a Platinum member of the Merchant Risk Council, Houlihan was already familiar with functionality of Accertify and competitive offerings. “Our selection of Accertify was straightforward because it was the superior solution,” he says. Deployment took less than a month. The system begins analysis of content submitted by utilizing device identification from Iovation. Data then enters the SaaS-based Accertify solution, which applies dozens of policy-based analytics to determine authenticity. The fraud vetting process provides Bazaarvoice with the same analytical rigor used by retailers and financial institutions – with the same effective results.