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Carphone Warehouse Reduces Manual Reviews

Case Study

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How a leading European mobile communications retailer cut chargebacks by more than 50 percent while reducing order rejections and manual reviews.

In 2005 the fraud landscape in the UK changed significantly with the introduction of Chip and PIN. Replacing the magnetic stripe on payment cards with smartcard technology reduced fraud at the point-of-sale, but it is widely believed to have driven fraud to the Internet and other card-not-present channels.

As fraud became increasingly sophisticated, with merchants’ detection systems being tested more than ever, preventing fraud needed to be more dynamic.

With the aim of striking a better balance between fraud prevention and lost sales, in 2010 The Carphone Warehouse decided to seek a flexible and advanced fraud prevention system capable of incorporating complex rules and more data in the screening process.


After reviewing a variety of solutions available in the marketplace, The Carphone Warehouse chose Accertify as the best provider to meet its needs. In October 2010, the Interceptas Case Management Platform was implemented for screening card-not-present transactions.

Interceptas provides a comprehensive and customizable platform that integrates a sophisticated rules engine and advanced rules management technology with an efficient workbench platform that drives transactions to resolution and improves chargeback management processes.