Air France and KLM Achieved 60% Cost Savings with Accertify

Air France and KLM Have Achieved 60%1 in Cost Savings with Accertify

Case Study

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In 2018, Air France and KLM decided to strengthen and improve their chargeback handling and came to Accertify for help.

Air France and KLM partnered with Accertify to gather all chargeback handling in one single platform with an automatic data feed, resulting in 60%1 cost savings from 2018 to 2022. This strategic partnership also resulted in a 20%2 savings in time handling disputes.

“Prior to Accertify our processes were extremely manual and since implementing Accertify’s automated interface, it has been a win-win for Air France and KLM and for Accertify.”

-Fabrice Planchon, Process Monitoring Manager

1,2 Based on client data 2022.