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Despegar Streamlines Fraud Prevention

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How a Leading Travel Agency in Latin America Automated and Streamlined Fraud Prevention with Accertify.

Online bookings in Latin America have experienced robust growth recently, despite the economic downturn. The expansion has been accompanied by a growing eCommerce fraud challenge, however, as criminals on the Internet become more sophisticated and aggressive in card-not-present scams.

In 2010, Despegar was utilizing an internal fraud prevention system based on a limited rules engine. The system relied heavily on manually reviewing orders to identify fraud. The company was growing quickly and, despite a relatively low fraud rate, desired a more scalable and less labor-intensive fraud prevention program. It also wanted to add new authentication processes to its program. The company decided to search for a fraud-fighting platform that offered more automation and easy integration with desirable third-party validation tools and data services. Despegar also wanted a system that would let good orders flow through and ensure a high-quality experience for its customers.


Despegar chose Accertify as its fraud-fighting partner because of its documented success in reducing fraud and increasing revenue; independent recognition as a leader in the space; and deep, global experience in combating eCommerce fraud on behalf of many leading airlines and travel companies. Despegar implemented Accertify’s risk management solution in December 2010.

Accertify’s comprehensive and fully integrated data management platform, the Interceptas Case Management Platform, provided Despegar with everything it needed to fight fraud. Interceptas closes the gaps that fraudsters can slip through by tying together all the disparate parts of the fraud-fighting process. Its powerful decision engine and efficient workbench features drive each transaction, event or case through the screening, queuing, prioritization, review and resolution processes quickly. The Interceptas Case Management Platform is highly customizable and was easily and quickly configured to meet Despegar’s needs. Despegar received multiple, strong layers of defense and received instant access to a wide variety of best-in-class validation tools and technologies that otherwise would take many months to assemble.

The multi-lingual capabilities contained in the Accertify platform provide Despegar with the flexibility to use it in Spanish or English, facilitating fraud prevention across the company’s international base of operations.