easyJet Reduces Fraud With Rules + Statistical Modeling

Case Study

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easyJet reduces potential cases of Fraud by 44% with Rules + Statistical Modeling by Accertify Decision Sciences.

easyJet deployed Accertify’s fraud management solution in 2012 and saw a reduction of referrals for manual analysis by 61%. During the second year of deployment, the solution had showed a marked reduction of fraud loss. While considering an organisational change to manage the rule set, easyJet decided to test statistical modeling developed by the Accertify Decision Sciences. “The results were strong, so we decided to switch to the new approach and rely on predictive outcomes instead of specific rules, ” says Carl Mason, Fraud & Loss Operations Manager at easyJet.

The company initially used two logistic regression models starting in 2013 to meet fraud challenges, each corresponding with its two peak season business periods.  By June 2015, easyJet replaced the two logistic regression models with a single model.