Machine Learning and AI: Reduce Fraud and Chargeback Losses

Machine Learning and AI Solution Helps Guitar Center Double Fraud Savings and Reduce Fraud Losses By 62%

Case Study

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Guitar Center began working with Accertify around 10 years ago. They initially selected Accertify to automate their order review process and decrease fraud and chargeback losses without compromising user experience.

When Guitar Center sought additional help to automate their risk strategy further, speed up fulfillment and lower fraud losses without hiring additional staff, Accertify helped them implement a machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) solution to improve performance.

Guitar Center worked with the Accertify Decision Sciences team to integrate machine learning and AI into its existing fraud and chargeback prevention strategy. They tested the system to see the results before “go-live” to ensure they could seamlessly roll out the solution.

Guitar Center more than doubled fraud savings and decreased chargeback losses by 62%. It also reduced the number of orders that required manual review by 10%, even though annual online sales had increased by 21%.