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How MATCHESFASHION.COM got their orders moving faster with a 40% reduction in false positives!

This London-based retailer entered the world of eCommerce in 2007 with the launch of its website. In 2009 the vast majority of revenue was generated by stores. By 2013 this trend had reversed and the vast majority of revenue was being generated by online orders shipping globally, with online growth in that time period approaching 1000%. This success also attracted international fraudsters, who substantially boosted fraud levels prompting MATCHESFASHION.COM to reject orders from new clients.


Unable to react quickly to targeted fraud threats and new trends, MATCHESFASHION.COM evaluated several candidates and ultimately chose Accertify’s Fraud Management module for the vast amount of relevant data-points to review on each order, its flexibility and adaptability, plus the real-time update of rules and scoring. Professional and Strategic Risk Services* were also chosen to keep the in-house team fully trained on all aspects of the platform and new fraud trends, and to provide 24/7 support at peak periods throughout the year.

*Please note: Accertify’s Managed Services Teams are now Accertify’s Strategic Risk Services Teams.