Showroomprivé Met SCA Regulation With 90% Risk Exemption

Showroomprivé reduced fraud and successfully transitioned to SCA regulation with risk exemption for 90% of its members.

Case Study

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Accertify helped Showroomprivé cut Account Takeover Fraud by 33%1 , decrease Chargeback Fraud by 75%1 and successfully transitioned to SCA regulation with risk exemption for 90%1 of its members.

Showroomprivé was experiencing a high rate of chargebacks and needed a more efficient solution to detect and monitor fraud. The company was also having problems with gift card fraud and abuse. In many cases, the problem was friendly fraud, but in other instances, it was an account takeover (ATO) problem.

Showroomprivé decided Accertify was the best solution for its needs because it offered the best capability with its eCommerce business model. The fact that Showroomprivé’s major competitors used Accertify to manage chargeback and ATO fraud was also a deciding factor.

The Showroomprivé and Accertify teams implemented the Accertify Interceptas Fraud module and Device Intelligence for browsers and mobile apps. Showroomprivé also engaged Accertify Strategic Risk Services* to assist in managing critical situations and successfully transitioned Showroomprivé to SCA by enabling Transaction Risk Analysis (TRA) to maximise a frictionless experience. This resulted in 90% of its members getting a seamless checkout experience whilst mitigating fraud risk.

1Based on consumer data provided by Showroomprivé.

*Please note: Accertify’s Managed Services Teams are now Accertify’s Strategic Risk Services Teams.