NBS Reduced Customer Friction with Accertify

NBS adoption rate increases from 32% to 70% with banking app authentication1

Case Study

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Nationwide Building Society (NBS) is the world’s largest building society as well as one of the largest savings providers and a top-three provider of mortgages in the UK, with around 15 million members.

When Payment Services Directive Two (PSD2) and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations were enacted, (NBS) was one of many financial organisations in the EU that began looking for solutions to help them comply. PSD2 Compliance can cause significant disruption, with valid customer purchases potentially being rejected and increased cart abandonment rates resulting in customer friction.

“We held the Accertify team accountable for exercising an extremely high level of competency because the MaaF initiative was, and still is, very important to NBS’s authentication strategy. They met our needs and delivered as promised.”  Dave Gordon | Senior Product Owner

Accertify SCA Optimisation supports eCommerce merchants’ SCA needs, detects and prevents payment fraud, and can authenticate legitimate account activities.

  1. Based on client data 2022