Target Australia Achieves 99% Frictionless Customer Journey

Target Australia Adopts Multi-Layered Fraud Prevention Strategy While Increasing Frictionless Customer Journeys to 99%1

Case Study

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Increased sales and emerging regional fraud threats resulted in Target Australia requiring an upgrade to its ordering platform. They needed a multi-layered fraud prevention strategy to maintain their strong fraud prevention results. Additionally, it was essential not to disrupt the customer experience or bring additional fraud risks.

Target Australia has reduced chargebacks by 71%2 since integrating Accertify’s solutions while maintaining a 99%1 frictionless customer buying experience.

“Target Australia considers Accertify to be a key partner in its future, as it continues to provide a frictionless experience for customers while maintaining its outstanding fraud performance.”

-Victoria Burge-Thomas, National Fraud & Profit Protection Manager, Target Australia

  1. Based on the average acceptance rate for July 2022 – December 2022 using Target Australia’s transactions data within Accertify’s technology.
  2. Based on Target Australia’s chargebacks within Accertify’s technology. January 2022 – June 2022 chargeback dollar value vs. July 2022- December 2022 chargeback dollar value.