United Airlines Boosts Win Rate: Accertify Fraud Management

Accertify Fraud Management increased United Airlines win rate by more than 40%.1

Case Study

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Over the decades, United Airlines has acquired numerous subsidiaries, most notably in 2010 when it merged with Continental Airlines, a purchase that moved United Airlines to become the world’s largest airline as measured by available seat miles.2

The team needed a single solution for both fraud and chargebacks, but most solutions on the market required separate vendors for each. Accertify helps United Airlines detect account takeover fraud, preventing and tackling fraud at every level. The solution has become so seamless that an accept/reject model is sufficient, freeing the United Airlines team from the review stage so they can focus on what they do best – flying passengers far and wide.

What sets the Accertify team apart is their genuine enthusiasm about fraud prevention. They’re passionate about what they do, and it shows.

Stacie Langham, Sr. Manager Of Fraud Prevention and Disputes

1Based on 2022 client data
2World’s Largest Airline? United Airlines Has More Available Seat Miles Than Any Other Carrier (simpleflying.com)