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Urban Outfitters Reduces Fraud, Keeps Good Customers

Case Study

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Retailer Reports Interceptas Dramatically Reduced Fraud-Related Labor Costs and Fulfillment Delays While Driving Chargeback Rate Even Lower

By aggressively screening orders, Urban Outfitters’ three retail brands had achieved a very low, average chargeback rate of less than 1/10th of 1 percent of sales, significantly lower than the industry average of 1.4 percent. While stricter controls enabled the retailer to stop more fraud, they also caused delays in processing orders from customers whose purchasing habits made their orders appear suspicious. These orders were put on hold until the company’s fraud analysts could manually review them and verify that they were not fraudulent.

The review process was labor-intensive and time-consuming, resulting in fulfillment delays that caused customers to call the UrbanOutfitters’ Contact Center seeking updates on their shipments. Manual reviews also required increased staffing to meet growing order volumes. Urban Outfitters was also seeking a platform that would empower its fraud prevention team to take control of its fraud fighting efforts. The retailer did not want to become dependent on its fraud prevention solution provider or internal IT department to update screening rules or add new tools. The goals needed to be met while maintaining or improving the company’s low chargeback rate.


After evaluating various solutions available in the marketplace, Urban Outfitters chose Accertify’s Interceptas because of its ease of use, flexibility and complete array of fraud-fighting features and functionality.

Interceptas was fully implemented in April 2009. Through Interceptas, Urban Outfitters gained access to a sophisticated order screening system integrated with a unique workflow platform that streamlined the entire fraud prevention process; guiding the prioritization, queuing, review and resolution processes and applying consistent analysis throughout. Following an in-depth analysis of its chargeback data, Accertify increased the number of data points used in screening orders and deployed more than 200 new rules in the screening process. Accertify’s fraud experts worked closely with Urban Outfitters during implementation to develop new screening rules tailored to the company’s unique business challenges and to subsequently adjust them for maximum effectiveness.