Case Study: Accertify PS helped Viator reduce fraud by 75%

Viator reduced fraud by 75% by engaging Accertify Professional Services

Case Study

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To reduce fraud and improve chargeback win rates, companies must set rules to ensure that transactions are legitimate. While the Viator Fraud Systems and Analytics team was in the process of implementing Accertify’s fraud management and chargeback management solutions, it discovered an unoptimized ruleset that was causing the chargeback system to not perform as effectively as it could. This meant one of Viator’s biggest challenges would be to build a streamlined set of rules.

One of Viator’s biggest priorities for the project was to implement a ruleset that would allow enough flexibility for the team to easily make adjustments to accommodate changing market and fraud requirements. Another was to apply machine learning to leverage community data so it could optimize rulesets that were used to identify fraud.

The Viator and Accertify Professional Services teams met every few weeks to review the implementation status and address any issues. They conducted a periodic review of all rulesets and made adjustments as needed. Quality control testing occurred in shadow mode during the entire implementation phase.

The teams were able to implement a new scoring process within months, including a review and revision of current “reject transactions” rules. After testing the system and making necessary “tweaks” and adjustments, the new system went live.

Viator saw quick and significant results by leveraging the Accertify Professional Services team’s expertise and by investing the time to understand the strategy and the new rulesets. The company has seen a 90% increase in chargeback win rates and a 75% reduction in fraud since the Accertify solution was implemented.