Viator increased chargeback win rates by 11%

Case Study

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Viator increased chargeback win rates by 11% and reduced internal resources dedicated to managing chargebacks by 60% after implementing Accertify’s Chargeback Management solution

Viator was using a manual process to manage chargebacks and the process was time-intensive and not as efficient or effective as it could be. The management team also wanted to address a growing problem it was experiencing with first-party chargeback disputes that originated from mobile payment wallets.

Viator implemented Accertify’s Chargeback Management (ACM) solution because it offers extensive order information from the original transaction fraud screening and is an “all-in-one” solution that includes fraud and chargeback management as well as device intelligence.

Implementing Accertify has enabled Viator to automate chargeback reporting. By documenting scheduled data extracts using internal dashboard tools, management saves about three or four hours per week and has increased its chargeback win rate increase by more than 11%.  It also dedicates 60% fewer resources to chargebacks while maintaining all its service level agreements (SLA).