Contactless Check-in: How Can Hotels Reduce Fraud Risk?

Contactless Check-in: How Are Hotels Reducing Fraud Risk?



Hotels are reopening for business and many have implemented contactless check-in to streamline their operations and ensure the safety of guests and employees.

In a recent interview with Hotel BusinessJeff Wixted, VP, Marketing & Client Solutions explained that fraudsters are trying to take advantage of contactless check-in since it is a new procedure.

The first problem is payment fraud, which occurs when a fraudster makes a reservation using a stolen credit card. The second problem is loyalty account fraud, and it occurs when a fraudster takes over a guest’s loyalty account and makes a reservation using either a credit card on file or loyalty points. Both are easy to pull off because the front desk staff has no direct contact with guests.

There are several measures hotels can take to reduce fraud risk such as tying a reservation to a guest’s cell phone or restricting contactless check-in privileges to loyalty members and repeat customers.

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