Whitepages Pro


GOLD PARTNER Whitepages Pro is an identity solutions provider with coverage in 20+ countries.

An ideal complement to the Interceptas® Platform, the Whitepages Pro™ Identity Check API flags risky orders that are just shy of the manual review threshold and speeds good orders to clear, ultimately reducing the manual review queue. Armed with comprehensive phone, address, name, IP, and email data for over 90% of the U.S. and Canadian adult population, Whitepages Pro delivers better insight and coverage and inspires higher confidence in the review process.

The Pro engineering team partners with merchants to write effective rules based on current order flow to ensure value during real-time API calls and manual review, incorporating both risk signals and positive indicators.

More than 2,500 clients use Whitepages data to help verify identities globally. Try Pro and discover how you can expedite product delivery, avoid customer insult, reduce manual review, and ultimately boost your business’s revenue. Click here or contact Whitepages Pro to learn more.