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  • 5 Observations about Mobile Payments

    By Michael Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer July 23, 2018

    While the concept of making payments without physical currency has existed for a long time, the promise became a fast-moving reality with the global proliferation of mobile devices. Now, aided by the technology, banking and payment services are rapidly expanding all over the world. And while the field of mobile payments is still a relatively new one, some key trends are clearly emerging.

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  • A Tip for Analyzing Email Domains: The Power of Precise Data

    By Rob Daline, CEO, Co-Founder - ArkOwl May 17, 2018

    Fraud prevention can be compared to solving an expanding jigsaw puzzle on a platform that is constantly rotating. Though a bit more complicated than a jigsaw puzzle, the same simple concepts still apply. To solve any puzzle, one must bring the proper mind and right pieces to the table.

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  • Preventing Fraud in Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS)

    By Amador Testa, Chief Product Officer - Emailage May 01, 2018

    It wasn’t long ago that fraudsters would have to visit a physical location to buy goods using a compromised credit card. In more recent times, fraudsters began to use compromised credit card numbers to buy online, to then have items shipped to a forwarding address.

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  • With data breaches involving millions of accounts hitting scores of organizations, account takeover has emerged as a new fraud challenge for hotels.

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  • Hotel fraud is getting more complex to manage. No one wants to lose a customer with a high lifetime value over the marginal cost of a fraudulent room and or replacing points lost from a loyalty account.

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