Employee Spotlight: Al Janczy

By Al Janczy, Client Support Manager April 22, 2016


Here at Accertify, our Support Services team is known for providing responsive, expert consultation and problem solving skills in fraud prevention, chargeback management, and payment processing.

This passionate team is comprised of 30 people who have varied skill sets and many years of fraud prevention, technical support, project management and development experience – a good mix of skills that work quite well together.  Please meet one of the managers of that department, Al Janczy.

What is your full name and current position?

  • Alan Janczy, Manager Client Support

How long have you been employed at Accertify/Amex?

  • I have been here for a whopping 7 ½ years.

What office are you based of?

  • I am based out of the scenic Itasca, Illinois office, in Itasca’s largest high-rise building.

Do you ever travel for work?

  • Aside from periodic trips to other Accertify locations, no.  I used to travel when I was in the implementation department, though.

Why did you join Accertify?

  • Accertify offered me an opportunity to apply skills I had developed from all aspects of my past experience.  I have always had a passion for investigating and preventing fraud and theft.  I also had many years in technical support, managing people and managing a Point of Sale system.  Joining the Accertify team was a great fit.

What is the most interesting or favorite part of your job?

  • Investigating and solving our client support issues.  Being able to consistently provide our clients with a great experience when working with Accertify® Support Services. Being a part of a very multitalented support team and working with many brilliant and talented people throughout the organization.  Working with people I like to be around for many hours a day!

What are some of your hobbies?

  • Some of my favorite hobbies are: boating on the Chain of Lakes, listening to live music and bands, cruising, traveling and taking trips to Wisconsin.

What is your most favorite adventure?

  • An extended family trip, including my wife and sons, at Disney World stands out as my favorite family vacation.  Also, climbing a waterfall with my family when my sons were young, with my wife and I carrying the boys up the falls.

What is your biggest dream (e.g. vacation, hobby, etc.)?

  • My biggest dream is to be able to travel around Europe and see my college-aged sons become successful and stay “grounded”, just like their dad.

What is your favorite movie/book/music?

  • Back to the Future, Harry Potter series, The Beatles, Elvis, and many other types of music through current artists, with the exception of classical music.  When I was young, my dad made us listen to classical music in the house and on all of our road trips in the car so I am not a fan.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

  • I play the drums.

About the Author

Al is one of the managers of client support. His experience and passion for helping to prevent fraud enables him to consistently solve client support issues or provide solutions to their unique business needs working with the Interceptas Platform. He spends a great deal of his time working on tickets and projects with his global support teammates as well as assisting other Accertify teams.