Merchant Peace of Mind: A Primer on Chargeback Prevention Best Practices

By Michael Mallon, Director of Global Dispute Management Solutions June 03, 2016


While it is impossible to stop chargebacks entirely, merchants can take steps to being proactive with their chargeback fraud prevention tactics thereby reducing the risk of chargebacks and the accompanying costs.

The chargeback process protects consumers in the event that a credit card transaction does not go as expected.  This process gives consumers peace of mind when shopping with a credit card, but what about the merchant’s peace of mind?  Chargeback management can be time-consuming and can affect your bottom line.  A necessary cost of doing business, this cost can impact the profit on goods sold.

And for that reason, I believe merchants should take steps to reduce credit card chargebacks. I recently helped write a primer on chargeback prevention best practices.

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About the Author

Michael is the Director of Global Dispute Management Solutions at Accertify. Since he has not had to spend too much time this year shoveling snow in the Northeast, he dedicates his time to managing the company’s global chargeback management platform.