A Tip for Analyzing Email Domains: The Power of Precise Data

By Rob Daline, CEO, Co-Founder - ArkOwl May 17, 2018


Fraud prevention can be compared to solving an expanding jigsaw puzzle on a platform that is constantly rotating. Though a bit more complicated than a jigsaw puzzle, the same simple concepts still apply. To solve any puzzle, one must bring the proper mind and right pieces to the table.

Whether using the mind of a machine, seasoned analysts, or both to solve the puzzle of fraud, fresh data points comprise the pieces that are brought together to make the right decision. A fresh data point that one might find when reviewing an order is the email address domain. The domain is the last half of an email address or the string that comes after the '@' symbol (ex. @arkowl.com). 

A couple of tips for email domain analysis: 
When looking at the public domain information provided by the registrar, does the registration name or address of the domain match the billing or shipping address on the customer order?

- If yes, the order is most likely coming from a legit business entity and is among the safest orders to approve. One may not even need to verify any other aspect pertaining to this order, potentially reducing the need for additional fraud screening. This correlation of data is among the strongest for making positive decisions in the order review process. 

- Often times, when a fraudster purchases a domain, they do so with different registration than the information seen on an order. The billing information will probably not line up with the registration data and the domain will most likely be created within the last year. If you are lucky, they will make it easy by creating multiple orders with different email handles to the same domain - allowing your system software to be able to link them together. 

These tips represent what to look for with the right data. Without a proper assessment of email address domains, the data itself is just a disconnected piece from the fraud prevention puzzle.

About the Author

Rob leads the team responsible for business development and sales. Prior to his tenure at ArkOwl, Rob was an experienced fraud analyst and consultant having served in several capacities for multiple Fortune-500 online retailers. He was often utilized by teams as the go-to specialist for in-depth email address analysis.