Tokyo and Sydney User Event Success


By Mark Dawes, GM - Japan, Asia Pacific - Accertify, Inc. and InAuth

On the 7th and 12th of June Accertify celebrated our 10 year anniversary as a company with user conferences in Tokyo and Sydney.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate with our existing customers, share our future roadmap & meet a bunch of new prospective customers.  

In Tokyo we were joined by Mark Michelon – President of Accertify and Jeff Wixted - VP, Product Management, Client Onboarding, & Managed Services.  Mark did a fantastic job of opening both conferences & Jeff (affectionately named the “professor” by the JAPA Accertify team) wowed the audiences with fantastic information about where Accertify plans to go to next as we continue to innovate in the areas of Machine Learning & User Behaviour Analysis.  In fact, both spoke so well we asked them to do it again in Sydney!

At both conferences we were fortunate to also be joined by several guest speakers.  In Tokyo April Kmetz led the charge by outlining Disney's journey with Accertify & highlighting how Accertify had partnered with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, US to achieve some fantastic results over the years.  Not to be outdone Yuki Kaise from HIS (an online travel agency headquartered out of Japan) then share HIS’s journey which saw him speak about their move into the online world, the rapid rise of online fraud and then the journey back to normality with Accertify.  It was a powerful and compelling presentation.

In Sydney we spent an hour living in the shoes of Ron Rutland, an adventurer who spent 2.5 years riding a bike from South Africa to London.  Ron’s key message was that there is nothing more powerful than the made up mind.  His journey through Africa & subsequent walk across Mongolia were living testament to that!

It was apparent from both conferences that our customers are now more focused on transaction security as opposed to just financial fraud.  All digital interactions with downstream customers can introduce risk & it’s now clearer than ever that Merchants, Banks & others transacting in the customer not present world want to understand who they are transaction with at all stages of the customer journey.  I’m excited to see Accertify’s products and services evolving to meet this need!