Accertify Opens New Operations Center to Meet Growing Demand for Outsourced Review Service


CHICAGO, IL – Mar. 2, 2010 

Accertify, a leading provider of enterprise-wide transaction screening products and services, today announced that it has more than doubled its staff and moved into a new and expanded operations center in order to meet rising demand for its Outsourced Review Service. The Service combines Accertify’s industry-leading Interceptas® fraud prevention platform with seasoned fraud prevention experts to manage merchants’ transaction screening and order review needs.

Accertify is currently providing both full and partial outsourcing services to major e-commerce retailers and airlines. 

“We ended a highly successful 2009 by more than doubling our client base. Our outsourcing service has received an extremely positive response from the marketplace and has been a factor in our growth,” said Jeff Liesendahl, Accertify’s CEO. 

“While many organizations deploy our Interceptas platform for use within their own fraud prevention departments, others find that outsourcing their entire transaction screening and fraud prevention function is the best option for concentrating on their core competence,” Liesendahl said. “Other organizations prefer to retain an in-house function but desire to supplement it with additional staffing coverage on weekends, holidays and/or evenings, or with our specialized consulting or data analysis skills.”

“Each company’s needs are unique,” said Mark Michelon, Accertify’s Vice President of Professional Services. “Whether a merchant needs additional fraud analyst staffing on weekends or in peak sales periods, desires to completely outsource fraud prevention, or is seeking to use our Interceptas fraud-fighting platform on a hosted or licensed basis, Accertify can tailor a plan to meet their specific requirements.”

 “We’ve chosen Accertify because we can rest assured knowing we are always protected,” said Francisco Reynoso Echegoll, Vice President, Information Technology, Mexicana Airlines, an outsourcing customer. “Accertify’s professionals are experts with insight from years of fighting fraud in many industries.”

Accertify provides expert advice, services and advanced technology that helps companies significantly reduce fraud and policy abuse across the Enterprise. Its customers include a growing number of leading companies in a wide array of industries, including the airline, retail, event ticketing, electronics, social networking, digital download and money transfer industries.

 “Businesses are seeking outsourcing solutions as a way of cutting costs, increasing efficiency and upgrading their in-house capabilities,” Liesendahl said. “But moreover,  outsourcing to Accertify ensures that an organization  receives the best possible results from its fraud prevention investment.  Our team of experts has a proven track record of significantly reducing fraud and fraud losses while improving customer service. They have many years of experience in combating fraud across a wide variety of industries and companies.  And our professionals are skilled in leveraging the full benefits of our industry-leading platform, Interceptas, on behalf of customers.”  


About Accertify

Accertify Inc. is a leader in providing e-commerce companies with software, tools and strategies for preventing online fraud and mitigating enterprise-wide risks. Our Interceptas platform integrates every component of fraud prevention, applies state-of-the-art automation to each step in process and offers advanced capabilities for managing fraud data. Built with a merchant's perspective, Interceptas delivers unparalleled flexibility in preventing various types of criminal behavior, including fraud related to card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, merchandise returns and exchanges and other data management challenges. Accertify is committed to providing online companies with the most cost-effective solution to fraud available. For more information, visit