Accertify is Selected by The Carphone Warehouse for Online Fraud Prevention


Chicago, IL – June 23, 2010

Accertify®, the leading provider of transaction risk screening services, announced today that it has signed an agreement with a major retail industry customer in the U.K. The Carphone Warehouse, the UK’s largest independent mobile phone retailer, will utilize Accertify’s industry-leading Interceptas® platform as the foundation for its enterprise-wide fraud prevention strategies. 

Carphone Warehouse Group plc is in a joint venture with Best Buy Europe Group and has a significant interest in Virgin Mobile France.

“The Interceptas platform is the best fraud prevention system I have ever seen,” said Phil Mead, head of Fraud and Loss Prevention at The Carphone Warehouse. “Accertify has a clear understanding of the issues in the market and has been proactive in developing integrated key modules missing in other solutions I’ve evaluated or used in the past.  Interceptas is the only system we’ve found that doesn’t require us to deploy a patchwork of other tools and processes to fill in gaps.  We are confident Interceptas® can efficiently manage all the fraud related risks we face whilst not impacting on genuine customers.”

 “We were impressed with Accertify’s holistic understanding of the business and its superior track record in helping online retailers combat payment fraud,” Mead said.   “Its Interceptas platform was designed from the merchant’s perspective to give users the control, customization and comprehensive feature set they need to stay a step ahead of fraudsters.”  

Globally, Accertify protects a rapidly growing number of market leaders and blue-chip companies in the retail, travel, electronics, social networking, digital download, event ticketing, online gaming, money transfer and other industries.  Accertify clients have documented reductions of 70 percent or more in their fraud rates in a matter of a few months, along with dramatic declines in fraud-related labour requirements and improvements in online customer service.  

“Card-not-present fraud is a growing cost for merchants in Europe.  We’re excited to offer a more advanced alternative to the limited solutions offered by payment processors and we’re gratified by the response  Accertify has received in the U.K. since our expansion there earlier this year,” said Andy Lee, European Director of Professional Services for Accertify. 


About CPW

 Founded by Charles Dunstone in 1989, The Carphone Warehouse (CPW) is Europe’s largest independent retailer of mobile phones and related services, with over 2,400 stores across nine countries. Our proposition is to offer customers impartial advice across the widest range of handsets, networks and tariffs in the market.

 In addition CPW sells a range of products and services including accessories, laptops, insurance and technology services. As a multi channel retailer customers interacts with us through; retail stores, direct sales and our online channels. We trade as The Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. and Ireland, and as Phone House in our other European markets (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden). As in the UK, The Phone House operates through a range of stores, websites and call centers, replicating the UK experience adapting to the local markets.

 In 2008, The Carphone Warehouse Group Plc and Best Buy Inc. agreed to form a new venture to accelerate their growth by capitalising on the European consumer’s evolving appetite for consumer electronics. The assets of the newly formed company will comprise The Carphone Warehouse’s retail business and The Carphone Warehouse’s share of its existing relationships with CPW.


About Accertify®

Accertify Inc. is a leader in providing e-commerce companies with software, tools and strategies for preventing online fraud and mitigating enterprise-wide risks. Our Interceptas® platform integrates every component of fraud prevention, applies state-of-the-art automation to each step in process and offers advanced capabilities for managing fraud data. Built with a merchant's perspective, Interceptas delivers unparalleled flexibility in preventing various types of criminal behavior, including fraud related to card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, merchandise returns and exchanges and other data management challenges. Accertify is committed to providing online companies with the most cost-effective solution to fraud available. For more information, visit