Adopts Solution Against Fraud and Increases Operational Efficiency by 40%


InformationWeek Brazil, November 10, 2011

Company promotes safety and automates its processes with the adoption of the system Interceptas of Accertify

Transactions over the Internet increased dramatically in recent years, but aligned to them, several kinds of fraud such operations have been developed in an attempt to take advantage of the potential vulnerabilities of purchasing platforms. In order to provide more security to their customers and increase sales through the web, adopted Accertify system against Fraud, Interceptas, to ensure greater reliability and automation of its system of e-commerce.

With the increasing demand of purchases made online, the prevention system used by the company proved to be limited, because it depended on manual review for identification fraud. "We had a system with limited capacity and performance and to achieve scalability and security we needed to automate processes" said Dieter Spangenber, regional risk manager of

The company decided to look for a platform to combat fraud through analysis and data management, as well as to modernize the company´s authentication processes. Decolar executives knew Interceptas, offered by Accertify. The solution guaranteed security of transactions over the Internet, improving user experience. "One of the reasons we chose this solution was the fact that it is a tool for easy customization and simple operation that allows access to all data to combat fraud in a single application," the spokesperson said.

According to Spangenber, the deployment of the solution, held in November 2010, took three months to be completed and brought numerous advantages to the company as providing security, identification of customers without interruptions in the system and faster data processing. "The system is very useful, it has capabilities and features to monitor all work teams, setting priorities and managing data, automating the analysis of consumers. We were able to increase operational efficiency by 40%," estimates.

One of the biggest challenges pointed out by the executive during the implementation of the system was to unify all the data into a single system. "This was one of our major concerns, but Accertify sorted our problems out, including historical information of customers and transactions into the system," he said.

Finally, the solution promoted scalability to the client´s systems and it now allows a greater number of operations to be more reliable, reducing rejections due to suspected fraud in more than 50%. "We can promote more speed and security to our consumers by providing them with better shopping experience and satisfaction," concluded Spangenber.