Offering Greater Security for Online Travel Purchases


CIO MéxicoSeptember 30, 2011 announced yesterday the implementation of Accertify, a risk management solution to protect against fraud.

Interceptas, Accertify’s integrated data management platform provided with everything they needed to combat fraud. Interceptas closes those loopholes fraudsters can manage to get around by linking together the different parts of the process to combat fraud. The solution’s decision-making engine and workbench features drive every transaction, event, or case, through the filtering, consulting, priorization, reviewing, and quick solution processes.   

Prior to this, the online travel agency used an internal fraud prevention system based on limited rules engine. To a large extent, the system relied on manual review of the orders to detect fraud. The company grew quickly, and despite experiencing a rather low fraud rate, wanted a fraud prevention program that was scalable and that would require less manpower. They also wanted to add new authentication processes into their program.

The company decided to seek out a platform to combat fraud and that would offer greater automation and easier integration with validation tools and desirable third party data services. Despegar also wanted a system that would allow valid orders to flow through guaranteeing a high quality experience for their customers. After extensive analysis the company selected Accertify as their partner to protect against fraud.

Results obtained with the new solution include: greater efficiency in fraud prevention with less intervention; a reduction of false positive results; streamlined and automated fraud prevention; and centralized fraud prevention operations.