Safe Shield for Businesses by Accertify


Empresas y Dinero, December 9, 2011

Mexico City - Accertify launched its technology in 2004 for the prevention of fraud that exists with merchants, allowing them to combat this type of scam.

During an interview with Eldred F. Garcia, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, he explained to us that Accertify was founded to protect merchants from a range of risks associated with payments and other financial transactions in any process flow, sales channel and geographic region.

Accertify is known as one of the leading providers when it comes to risk prevention services within a company. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Express, a leader in providing e-commerce companies with hosted software solutions, tools and strategies for online fraud prevention, and the mitigation of risks across an enterprise.

Accertify’s Interceptas® platform was designed for any template, payment gateway or processor, and has the flexibility to go in and out of the market and also to operate in any language (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Chinese). If businesses demand other languages it takes a matter of weeks to be up and running.

Eldred F. Garcia said, "the most important advantages of Accertify is the implementation of all organizational data to have an accurate and complete notion of the interrelated risks, succeeding in combating any fraud" such as:  

  • ~ Credit card fraud
  • ~ Any electronic payment method
  • ~ Registration of new accounts and user profiles
  • ~ Transactions, returns and refunds
  • ~ Coupons and promotions
  • ~ Scams and On-line scams
  • ~ Theft of employees information
  • ~ Abuse of policies and programs

The Interceptas platform integrates all components of fraud prevention, automates all stages of the process, and provides advanced capabilities to manage and prevent fraud. And it also takes into consideration the business’s perspectives.

Interceptas delivers unprecedented flexibility at preventing several sorts of criminal conduct. These include fraudulent card-not-present purchases, online scams and policy abuse, refunds and exchanges, among other data management issues.

The Company is committed to providing online businesses with the most cost effective solution for fraud prevention currently available in the market.

To get more effective, better sales on the Internet, it is important:

1.  To understand fraud management: it’s about having all the background on someone and making smart decisions as well as understanding the level of each transaction.

2.  To be flexible: as fraud is dynamic and evolves quickly, the customer must be aware of all the circumstances that can happen; if the solution is not rapid and flexible enough, we will be a step back, so it is important to implement and understand the mechanism in order to adjust to the fraud dynamism. recently chose Accertify to combat fraud because of the great success that it has had by fighting against fraud at the same time it helps businesses increase profit by preventing the scammers from getting in.

Through the personalized platform Interceptas, which allows quick and easy setup, Accertify managed to meet’s business needs, providing bold advantages as it integrated with a sophisticated database management that maximizes each user's ability to leverage the cross-national data in order to identify suspicious activities as well as to allow legitimate purchases in without interruption.

In addition, Accertify's rule management system accelerates the decision-making process, for any kind and number of rules at any level of complexity.