Southwest Airlines Eliminates Gift Card Fraud


How Accertify helped Southwest Airlines virtually eliminate gift card fraud in less than two months.

The southwestgiftcard® program launched in 2006 and, with its success, began attracting fraudsters by 2010, according to Brandon Adams, Manager of Ticketing Operations at Southwest Airlines. Fraud traffic spiked up during 2011 and 2012 as more than 90% of gift cards were sold online. “Fraudsters were communicating about the opportunity and we faced the risk of losing more than a million dollars a year,” says Adams. “We were faced with the challenge of reducing potential fraud and reversing a growing chargeback rate back into our target range.”


After Ticketing Operations prepared a gift card feed for the Interceptas® Data Management Platform, Accertify refined screening rules and had the system up and running in less than a month. The automated solution allowed Adams’ team to immediately shut down fraud attempts, and significantly reduce gift card fraud after about five weeks.


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