Managed Services

Struggling to stay ahead of ever changing fraud schemes and chargeback rules and regulations?

Are you expanding to a new part of the world? Opening up a new sales channel? Or, struggling with seasonal volumes? Accertify’s Managed Services allows you to outsource your fraud prevention or chargeback management operations to a global team of exceptionally experienced analysts across many different industries. By letting us manage your processes, you’ll save time spent recruiting and training, maximize your acceptance and win rates, and drive down your overhead. 

Complete Managed Services

This option allows the entire fraud prevention and/or chargeback management operation to be fully managed by our expert team. We’ll do it all, so you can get back to growing your business. Get ready to feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Fraud Managed Services

Our Fraud Managed Services are offered all year round, 24 hours a day, for true peace of mind. The team’s key responsibilities are to:

  • Prioritize, review, and resolve all possible fraud transactions
  • Help you quickly cancel and refund unauthorized purchases
  • Perform ongoing fraud analysis to determine new fraud rules for improving screenings
  • Maintain the overall risk model in the risk management platform as directed by the customer
  • Develop comprehensive operations and trend reports
  • Review chargeback transactions
  • Leverage chargeback data to help update your internal negative database
  • In some cases, our Fraud Managed Services team was responsible for an increase in sales of 1% or more, a fraud reduction of 40% or more within the first year, and reduced false positive rates by 10% or more.

Chargeback Managed Services

Our chargeback analysts are committed to improving operational efficiency, increasing revenue, and providing a truly excellent customer experience. Our analysts’ key responsibilities are to:

  • Prioritize, review, and resolve all received payment disputes before the reply-by date
  • Gather and respond with optimum support to ensure maximized win rates are achieved
  • Perform ongoing analysis of new and existing chargeback card brand requirements for improving representment documentation
  • Provide reporting to help improve and develop fraud strategy
  • Help clarify chargeback requirements of your bank
  • Provide comprehensive operational and performance reporting

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