eCommerce Fraud: Trends to Prepare for in 2024

On-demand: Accertify Fraud Predictions 2024


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Accertify Fraud Predictions 2024

Accertify’s annual Fraud Predictions webinar is back for its 4th year. During our session, we’ll look back at how well we performed with our 2023 predictions and look ahead to 2024 with what trends we are seeing on the horizon. In 2023, we became more accustomed to words such as ‘ChatGPT’, ‘Refund Fraud’ and ‘Social Engineering’. It felt like we spent weeks talking about “Sams”, whether it was about FTX cryptocurrency exchange or OpenAI. Data Breaches continued to make the headlines with companies such as X, 23andMe and even the University of Minnesota having their systems accessed by attackers.1

And still, what we know is Ecommerce losses continue to grow with online payment fraud expected to exceed $48 billion globally in 2023.2 Join us on February 1st where we’ll be gazing into our crystal ball to share what Accertify believes will face us in 2024 and will be part of many internal conversations at your company.

Join our webinar on February 1st to learn:

    • How Accertify’s 2023 predictions scored against reality.
    • The fraud trends we foresee shaping, and possibly disrupting 2024.
    • How to correctly identify fraudulent threats to your business.


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