On-demand: Accertify – a Guide to 3DS2

On-demand: Accertify – a Guide to 3DS2


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  • Time: 3pm BST / 9am CT

3D Secure 2.0 (3DS2), a globally recognised payments industry standard developed by EMVCo., an entity that is jointly owned by major global payment solution enterprises such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard and others, eliminates the need of static passwords in favor of biometric authentication.

3DS2 enhances the security of transactions by providing the issuer with the option to authenticate the cardholder prior to authorization. 3DS2 also provides comfort to the merchant by ensuring the liability is shifted to the issuer. Furthermore, 3DS2 can be used to reduce not only fraud losses but, also reduce resource costs by selectively applying 3DS2 to those transactions which are flagged for review.

For any merchant, who has customers based within the European Economic Area (EEA), balancing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance with the need to deliver an optimal customer journey can be demanding. Merchants face unprecedented challenges today and these challenges may take more immediate priority over the need to develop an optimal SCA strategy. However, compliance with SCA is not something that can be ignored. SCA compliance is required for all merchants who have customers within the EEA.

Accertify has a number of tools that can be used by a merchant to help balance regulatory compliance, cost efficiencies, and the optimising of the customer journey.

3DS2 not only supports SCA compliance but also helps to ensure an improved user experience. However, Accertify believes that an optimal risk strategy should include additional solutions that can support different customer journeys, and deliver cost savings, whilst also helping to address regulatory compliance.

Join this webinar from Accertify Inc., to learn about:

  • 3DS2 enhancements
  • Optimising the customer experience (risk-based 3DS)
  • How Accertify can help merchants optimise their SCA strategy (exemptions/scope checks/authentications)

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