Ask The Experts About Emerging eCommerce Fraud Threats

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  • Time: 10AM CT

The pandemic provided a new fertile ground for fraud and has seen eCommerce merchants trying to stay abreast the most prevalent and emerging threats, all the while dealing with increased pressure to fulfill the unprecedented numbers of online orders.

For our upcoming webinar, we invite our audience to an interactive session and we ask all registrants to pose their most pressing questions and comments as part of the registration form, around the types of fraud they experienced, the impact it had on their daily business, and recommendations sought on how to face the uncertainty and disruption of the new working environment the pandemic has seen merchants face – and we will, on our part, do our best to respond to as many of those during our live session.

Some popular themes that have emerged over the past two years and around which we would like to center our interactive webinar, are:

  • Account Takeover and Account Protection
  • Increasing Chargebacks and Disputes
  • Machine Learning Models and Data Analytics
  • Behavioral Biometrics and Device Intelligence to counter fraud
  • Fraudulent Refund Claims
  • Loyalty Fraud