On-demand: Digital Identity - Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

On-demand: Accertify Digital Identity: Preventing Account Takeover Fraud


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  • Time: 12PM AEST / 11AM JST / 10AM SST

During the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic, many consumers have changed their shopping habits, and left many of their accounts and loyalty programs dormant. Uncertain economic times bring new waves of fraudulent attacks, and fraudsters have begun to focus on the huge financial value locked up in those consumer accounts.

Increasingly sophisticated tools available to fraudsters can leave you in a panic, wondering how to detect and stop complex, account-centric attacks. At the same time, there is increased pressure to provide a user-friendly, low-friction shopping experience, and to build customer loyalty.

Join Accertify to learn about techniques to detect attacks on those accounts while simultaneously reducing friction for your good customers. Learn how Accertify measures trust using the five pillars of digital identity, and how monitoring accounts in real time can prevent losses both financial and reputational.

This webinar is being presented by Accertify Inc.

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