On-demand: Accertify and Ethoca: Protection From Chargebacks

On-demand: Accertify & Ethoca: Protecting Your Business from Chargebacks in 2021


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  • Time: 10AM CT

As online trends continue in 2021, merchants are being forced to adopt new chargeback strategies for their eCommerce presence. While this increased sales channel can help boost their bottom line if successful, it also increases vulnerability as many merchants lack the resources and technology required to manage and respond to chargebacks. An Accertify-commissioned study by Javelin Strategy showed that for every $30 in chargebacks, merchants lose $32 in wasted labor, $27 in chargeback fees, and $12 in dispute resolution fees.

To effectively navigate these challenging times, merchants should have a holistic chargeback management solution in place.

Register today for our webinar to find out which disputes most widely increased among merchants during COVID-19 and which strategies merchants are investing in to help manage the mounting chargeback volumes today and more importantly into the future.