Accertify Fraud Predictions 2021


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  • Date:
  • Time: 10:00 AM CT

As we look back on an unprecedented year with lasting effects on our daily lives, we took it upon ourselves to predict the fraud trends we believe will impact 2021 the most.

Looking ahead to 2021 many questions arise – how will fraud continue to impact businesses; which types of cybercrime attacks will prevail and what will the lasting effect of an increasingly online commerce world be?

During our first webinar of the year on January 28th at 10am CT we will reveal our top 2021 predictions based on the developments in financial fraud, the regulatory landscape and increased vulnerability of customer accounts we have witnessed across a multitude of industries.

Register today to find out what we anticipate 2021 will hold for the fraud space and how – together – we can better plan for the challenges the year holds.