How to Fight Friendly Fraud During the Chargeback Lifecycle

On-demand: Combatting Friendly Fraud Throughout the Chargeback Lifecycle


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  • Time: 10am CT

In an increasingly digital world, one thing is becoming crystal clear: We’re a society that relies just as much on user interfaces and graphics as we do on language to get the information we need. But when it comes to the post-transaction experience, especially the point where cardholders interact with their statements online, rich visual details and innovative features are sorely missing. The cost? Soaring cases of friendly fraud resulting from transaction confusion and a lost opportunity to improve customer relationships. Couple this with increasing chargeback volumes, challenges in understanding complex chargeback rules, how best to manage and respond to those chargebacks, and a perception of why bother since the deck is stacked against me…And what you have is frustrated merchants who simply want to be paid for the services they provide.

Join this webinar, presented by Accertify and Ethoca to:

  • Discover why sharing enhanced purchase details in trusted channels, like digital bank apps, is key to reducing friendly fraud.
  • Explore new research that uncovers the future of digital receipts.
  • Discuss Chargeback Management and the incorporation of compelling evidence in the representment.
  • Discuss analytics across the chargeback lifecycle and how they can help combat friendly fraud.