How to Protect Your Company From Retail Fraud

On-demand: “I’ve not received my package” – Genuine or Fraudulent Refund Claim?


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Genuine or Fraud Refund Claims

Due to the pandemic, there has been a huge growth in eCommerce sales. Retailers are working overtime to ensure all packages are shipped correctly and received in a timely manner by the consumer. Couriers have seen delivery numbers, usually only witnessed at peak periods of the year, constant over the last 12 months.

Naturally some packages get lost in transit; whilst some are stolen by “porch pirates” – individuals driving around a neighborhood looking for packages left outside front doors. Customers are calling up retailers claiming they have not received their package. This is referred to by several different acronyms – INR (Item Not Received); MNR (Merchandise Not Received) and DNR (Delivery Not Received). No matter what a retailer calls it, they are all asking the same question: Are these claims genuine or as a retailer, are we being exploited by a new emerging threat? Refund as a Service fraud.

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  • How to identify whether you are being targeted by a professional refunder for hire?
  • How retailers can combat these fraudulent refund claims?
  • What solution Accertify has created to help protect retailers.
  • The importance of providing accurate decisions to offer trusted customers the best online shopping experience.