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On-demand: Guiding Merchants Through Increased Chargebacks in Uncertain Times


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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are temporarily closing traditional retail locations, leading to a major shift in buying behaviors. This could lead to an increased and unexpected adoption of eCommerce. With this shift, businesses can expect a potential surge in chargebacks, as people – facing uncertain economic times – are seized by “buyer’s remorse” after unintentional purchases or unplanned spending online.

During this unprecedented time, merchants may experience revenue losses due to vulnerability and mounting pressure from disillusioned consumers along with adaptable and innovative fraudsters both resulting in mounting chargebacks. Now more than ever it is crucial for merchants to identify the correct disputes to fight and to allocate a now increasingly virtual workforce.

Accertify will share some tips on how to create an effective Chargeback Management strategy that can help you recover disputed revenue and optimize chargeback response rates enabling merchants to focus on maintaining their ROI rates during these difficult times.

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