Identity Theft: The Hidden Tools of the Dark Web

On-demand: “I’ve Got Your Identity.” The Hidden Tools of the Dark Web


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Identity theft is not a new problem – but one that has cost Americans a total of about $56 billion last year, with about 49 million consumers falling victim1. According to the 2021 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research, $13 billion in losses were due to what Javelin calls “traditional identity fraud,” where cybercriminals steal personally identifiable information and use it for their own gains2.

The Dark Web, a subsection of the deep web, cannot be accessed via traditional search engines, but is hidden from view and can be accessed via specific browsers, The Onion Router and TOR being the best known. The dark web engages in criminal activity and poses a marketplace where stolen consumer data (breached account information and credentials) and other black-market goods can be purchased at a comparatively low-cost.

Register for this webinar to hear about:

  • The variety of tools and technologies employed on the Dark Web to commit fraudulent theft.
  • Malicious software (malware) used to invade a user’s device with the purpose of stealing sensitive information.
  • Protecting credentials and data from being stolen and monetized on the Dark Web.
  • Employing technology for secure online and mobile transactions by automating the process of account monitoring.
  • Identifying and intercepting suspicious activity before an account takeover can occur.

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