Prevent Online Fraud and Reduce eCommerce Fraud Losse

On-demand: Online Fraud is in a State of Emergency


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  • Time: 9AM SGT / 10AM JST / 11AM AEST

Prevent Online Fraud

eCommerce and marketplace merchants have experienced a large uptick in fraud attempts and losses and with those, pressing questions have arisen:

  • Why is this happening “all-of-a-sudden”?
  • What are the contributing factors to online fraud increasing so rapidly?
  • Online fraud is also evolving in new methods that not all merchant teams are equipped to identify.
  • Fraud losses are also extending beyond payment fraud and chargebacks into other areas of losses, such as refund fraud, promo code abuse, seller fraud, and more.
  • Is this a short-term bump, or is this the “new normal”?

Join our webinar – hosted by Karisse Hendrick, founder of Chargelytics Consulting and true online fraud prevention expert – to find out how fraud teams can prepare to adapt to these rapid changes and how employing the right technology can help reduce the burden.