How To Identify Fraudulent vs. Genuine eCommerce Returns

On-demand: “I’ve not received my package” – How Merchants can Navigate Through Genuine vs. Fraudulent Refund/Return Claims


Webinar Details

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  • Time: 10AM CT / 4PM BST


With 1 in 6 online purchases returned, merchants saw $212B in returns, of which, 10.7%, or $22.8B, were fraudulent*.

Online returns have enabled fraudsters to exploit policy loopholes and illegitimate returns are now a complicated issue merchants are facing taking on various forms, such as manipulating a shipping label, returning a different item than originally purchased or claiming the item was never received or damaged.

Accertify’s CARE – Claims, Adjustments, Returns and Exchanges – is a purpose-built solution that detects fraudulent patterns in shopper behavior.

This webinar – hosted by the MRC – will highlight how merchants can monitor, measure and act to prevent future abuse:

  • Introduction to Accertify’s CARE abuse prevention which begins the moment a customer initiates a return.
  • The use of aggregated data to gain insight into a purchase and transaction.
  • Implementation of policies and controls to identify fraudulent returns.

*Customer Returns in the Retail Industry 2022 PDF.