How to Tackle the Increase in Chargebacks and Disputes

On-demand: Tackling The Chargeback Surge


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The pandemic-fueled eCommerce surge may have benefited merchants to an extent, but these retailers face an uphill battle in mitigating the growing impact of disputes and chargebacks:

The more consumers transact online, the more they initiate disputes: 47% of the consumers who are making more online transactions now than they did before March 2020 say they also are disputing more eCommerce transactions than they did before.[1]

In total, 24% of all eCommerce shoppers surveyed disputed at least one online transaction in the last year, and 9,9% report disputing at least one transaction each month.[2] Of all the chargebacks eCommerce merchants in these three countries report, 84% result from service errors.[3]

Join this webinar, presented by Ethoca and Accertify to hear key findings from this survey and how merchants can effectively tackle the chargeback surge.

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