On-demand: Unexpected Trends in Unexpected Times

On-demand: Unexpected Trends in Unexpected Times


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Unexpected Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a ripple effect on the global economy and on consumers’ shopping patterns (bulk-buying, shopping out of boredom etc.). Fraudsters have capitalized on the chaos and found themselves in a scammer’s playground, ripe with golden opportunities: people spending excessive time online and on social media, carelessly entering the same passwords into shopping sites, making them susceptible to click on malicious links and get their credentials stolen.

For online businesses, the risk is compounded – failure to combat fraud effectively can result in loss of trust with customers, high attrition rates as well as lengthy and expensive recovery measures.

During this webinar, Stuart will discuss several of the unexpected trends that have emerged during this unprecedented time: Expect to hear about increases in scams along with risk strategies for merchants, but also fun facts around this new era of “digital window shopping” and changes in consumers’ buying behaviors.

Make sure you stay tuned until the very end, we have a surprise for you!

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