First-party misuse can be a costly nightmare for merchants

First-party Misuse/abuse (also called ‘Friendly fraud’) can be a Costly Nightmare for Merchants!



First-party misuse is the third biggest problem in ecommerce, and unfortunately, its prevalence is growing.  In April 2023, Compelling Evidence 3.0 (CE3.0) will introduce new and updated standards for use against fraud chargebacks and disputes.

CE3.0 adds a new compelling evidence type and modifies two existing ones by widening the definition of what counts as compelling evidence in disputes. This article in The Retailer explains what this means and how businesses can prepare for CE3.0. ‘‘Dealing with increasing levels of first-party misuse is an additional challenge which merchants simply don’t need,“ wrote Ronan LeMestre, Accertify Director Client Success, EMEA. “It’s our hope that CE3.0 will encourage more measures by card providers to combat first-party abuse — and tip the dispute balance back in favour of merchants.”

Read Accertify’s Ronan LeMestre’s article ‘What will Compelling Evidence 3.0 mean for your business?’