Fraud Prevention in eCommerce Report 2021/2022

Fraud Prevention in eCommerce Report 2021/2022: How to detect fraudulent activity



The Paypers report speaks to industry experts such as fraud providers, consultants and merchants who have shared their insights on key topics in the fraud space such as machine learning, account takeover, PSD2 and SCA, and much more.

In the wake of COVID-19, merchants are looking for ways to reduce fraud down to pre-pandemic levels. The new Fraud Prevention in eCommerce Report 2021/2022 assesses the cost of fraud and the damage it can cause and reviews known and hybrid types of fraud.

It explains how the pandemic created vulnerabilities in different industries and why the economics of cybercrime are always in fraudsters’ favor. It also outlines tactics merchants can use to detect and prevent eCommerce fraud without losing customers or revenue.

Accertify is listed as an industry thought leader because it offers artificial intelligence (AI), behavioural biometrics and machine learning tools that help stop eCommerce fraud. Read the report for more information.