Accertify Top 5 Holiday Scams to Watch

Accertify Top 5 Holiday Scams to Watch


Each holiday season accelerated transaction volumes result in a corresponding rise in online payment fraud and other forms of eCommerce abuse.

Download the Infographic to identify the five threats Accertify has identified this holiday season along with tactics to help keep you in control into 2023 such as:

  1. Gift Card Fraud: Easily accessed and untraceable – consumers and fraudsters alike turn to gift cards.
  2. Quantity and Promotional Abuse: Overloaded inventory control systems fail to indicate fraudulent returns.
  3. First Party Misuse: Buyer’s remorse can signify increased chargebacks for retailers.
  4. Refund Abuse: Fraudulent returns can account for a significant proportion of retail sales.
  5. Account Takeovers: Fraudsters using BOTs to intercept consumers’ login credentials.

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